Tierra Verde Farm sells:

Pastured Eggs:
chicken (regular): $5.00/dozen
chicken (small): $3.00/dozen
duck: $8.00/dozen
Hand-crafted goat milk soap ($5/bar):
Autumn Spice, Caffé Latte, Cedar & Citrus, Chai, Chamomile and Bergamot, Creamsicle, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree, Herb Garden, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Lilac, Plain, Peppermint, and Spearmint
Baked Goods:
Bacon & cheddar scones
Apple & cheddar scones
Nutella & sea salt cookies
Dark chocolate, coconut and almond cookies
and more....
Canned Goods:
Green tomato chutney ($6)
Pickled okra ($4)
Green tomato relish ($4)
Green tomato marmalade ($6 large/$3 small)
Pickled peppers ($3)
Heirloom tomatoes: $4.00/lb Vegetables and herbs (prices vary)

Please contact us for more information about current offerings.